cameo island in Zakynthos for travel money post

Talking Travel Money

Just got back from a long holiday, 20 days away, 19 nights so let's talk travel money. Most people are not going to tell you how much they actually spend when they go away. But I am. Many times I get asked how can I afford to travel so much. And I must tell you … Continue reading Talking Travel Money

Camber Sands crowded beach UK

Beach Day in the UK

Record breaking temperatures were reached in many parts of Europe on the 25th of July. The UK was no exception. Thankfully I managed to arrange a day off from shooting and from work! It was the perfect day to have my first proper beach day in the UK. Honestly I was struggling to accept that … Continue reading Beach Day in the UK

while in Portugal Ericeira ao Sebastiao beach

While in Portugal

Yes, do not panic, I am back! After just over a week in Portugal I am back to the London life. I am back home and I am back to the blog. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life. I hear you asking, what did you get up to while in Portugal? The main … Continue reading While in Portugal

Finally, Barcelona

Everyone's reaction when I mentioned I hadn't visited Barcelona yet was one of shock and disbelief! Guess Barcelona is one of those cities in Europe on most people's bucket list so many have visited already. We try to do city breaks from time to time but beach holidays usually take priority. This meant that Barcelona … Continue reading Finally, Barcelona

Lensminds London meetup behind the scenes female model smiling blurred close up

2018 Rewind

Hard to believe 2018 is almost over. I feel that I was so busy doing things that this year just flew by. Honestly didn't even have time to think about everything that happened in 2018 until now. While 2017 was the year I travelled the most 2018 was mostly filled with photography meetups. You are … Continue reading 2018 Rewind

Cueva del Diablo, Tenerife

A week in Tenerife

This time I didn't spend a lot of time planning our time in Tenerife. Despite that I still feel that we got to see and do a lot. Just not a lot of time to rest. Turns out Tenerife is quite a large island. To make it easier to explore the island we rented a … Continue reading A week in Tenerife

Catarina at Ericeira Photography Challenge

Ericeira Photography Challenge

In this post I am telling you all about my first photography challenge. I had been wanting to do a shoot in Portugal but honestly couldn't be bothered to organise one. Luckily while in Portugal I got a DM from a Portuguese photographer and was challenged to go out to shoot a model along with … Continue reading Ericeira Photography Challenge