Let’s talk about money

Let's talk about money, aka an update on my investing journey. Just thought this post was overdue after last talking about investing in July 2020. Just over a year has passed since I really got into investing. I had fears going into it, still do a little bit but I try not to overthink it. … Continue reading Let’s talk about money

how I started investing

How I Started Investing

Investing is my new thing, I guess. Now that I am not going out to shoot and have some free time I have decided to learn more about personal finances. In this post I am going to tell you more about how I started investing. Disclaimer: the information in this post is not financial advice, … Continue reading How I Started Investing

am i broke now switzerland mountain

Am I broke now?

Am I broke now? The fact is, I took a decent pay cut changing my hours at work from 8 to 5 a day. Is that killing my finances and making me struggle or am I coping just fine? While I write this post I am going to be looking into the last couple of … Continue reading Am I broke now?

White Mercedes Benz

Living Below Your Means

As I write this I'm in a brand new white Mercedes visiting the beaches of Portugal. No, I didn't buy a fancy new car. It's a rental that luckily got upgraded for free! From the cheapest diesel option available to a Mercedes. Less than 20 Eur per day. Thank you Sixt. Riding in a flashy … Continue reading Living Below Your Means

Selling my Pictures

Very recently I have opened an account on Shutterstock and got myself into stock photography to possibly have an additional source of income. I have heard all the success stories of people who invest time in this and make some extra cash so I am giving it a try. This week I sold my first … Continue reading Selling my Pictures

Shopping Basket

Shopping Basket Cost London vs Lisbon

Following up from my previous post on the cost of living in London and Lisbon I have now researched some common shopping items to compare the prices. This will give you a deeper insight on the cost of living in both cities. Food items Fresh Milk        £0.66 per litre     vs 0.79€ … Continue reading Shopping Basket Cost London vs Lisbon


Cost of Living in London vs Lisbon

I have lived in both cities so I have a rough idea about the living costs. For the purpose of providing you with more accurate information I have carried out a thorough research on the cost of living in London vs Lisbon. If you are considering living in one of these two cities this information … Continue reading Cost of Living in London vs Lisbon