lock-down flowers

Diaries of a Pandemic – Part II

The UK is now officially on lock-down. Last week the guidelines to stay at home became rules but not much changed here as we were already staying at home anyway. We have only left the house once for food shopping midweek. It was a pleasant experience as one of our local supermarkets was stocked up, … Continue reading Diaries of a Pandemic – Part II

Rainy Meetup

It rained pretty much all day. This is not the kind of weather you want when you are shooting outside. Unless you have the right equipment and clothes and are looking to take advantage of the puddles for reflection purposes. Or any other cool effects you know rain related. To be honest I wasn't keen … Continue reading Rainy Meetup

Slide and Meetup Weekend

Last weekend was a busy one! Initially all I had planned was to go to Stratford to slide on the ArcelorMittal Orbit (the UK’s tallest sculpture) but I ended up doing a lot more than that. Saturday morning we headed to Stratford and after checking out the views from the top of the ArcelorMittal Orbit we … Continue reading Slide and Meetup Weekend

Olga at the portrait mission meetup

Another Summer Meetup

This was my first photography meetup with the guys from The Portrait Mission page. They have started the page only in late April this year but are already gathering many photographers for their meets. It is quite impressive. Unfortunately models don't seem to be as keen as the photographers and a few didn't show up. … Continue reading Another Summer Meetup

My First Photography Meetup Outside of London

Last Sunday I left London and headed to Brighton for another photography meetup. This one was organised by the @uk.shooters in partnership with the British Airways i360. Just in case you don't already know the British Airways i360 is a 162-metre observation tower on the seafront of Brighton at the landward end of the former … Continue reading My First Photography Meetup Outside of London

Close up of dent on Mini bonnet taken by Sixt for featured image

A Nightmare with Sixt

It was 2015 and we had just returned from one of our most expensive holidays. A week in the Swiss Alps. Despite it being super expensive we really enjoyed Switzerland. As per usual we rented a car with Sixt. The staff was lovely and we even got an upgrade for free at arrival. Back then … Continue reading A Nightmare with Sixt

two old mout ciders and glasses on wooden table in a pub

Did my drink get spiked?

It was just another Friday at the pub. I was there with a friend celebrating my birthday (a late birthday celebration). Just two women sat at a table engrossed in conversation in a busy beer garden. Our first round of drinks suffered an accident as one bottle was dropped after an unknown male bumped into … Continue reading Did my drink get spiked?