Close up of dent on Mini bonnet taken by Sixt for featured image

A Nightmare with Sixt

It was 2015 and we had just returned from one of our most expensive holidays. A week in the Swiss Alps. Despite it being super expensive we really enjoyed Switzerland. As per usual we rented a car with Sixt. The staff was lovely and we even got an upgrade for free at arrival. Back then … Continue reading A Nightmare with Sixt

Pexels photo by kinkate blonde female model angry with smoke coming out of her ears for Deliveroo complaint post

Deliveroo’s Bad Service

This is not my favourite subject to talk about but I think it is about time I speak out on the bad service that Deliveroo currently provides. Still remember my first order with Deliveroo and how they were super punctual, to the exact minute! The food was at the right temperature and I really enjoyed … Continue reading Deliveroo’s Bad Service