That time again. This blog is on “pause”

Sorry my dear readers but it's time for another holiday. I'm heading to Tenerife soon and will hopefully come back with some stories and loads of pictures. You'll be sad to know that as I'll be away there will be no Christmas company party for me this year so no dress shopping post or funny … Continue reading That time again. This blog is on “pause”

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This Blog is not for Sale

It's true, this blog is not for sale (or at least not on sale). Might have touched on this subject before but I wanted to write a little bit more on this. Recently I received an email asking how much I would charge for having a link in one of my posts. This was the … Continue reading This Blog is not for Sale

Olga Kravchenko at the portrait mission meetup in Shoreditch London

Being a Bad Friend

This is how I've been feeling lately. I will start by apologising to my friends for not being in touch as much as I'd like to. I remember the time when I had no hobbies. Yes, I did have a blog back then but I was not really committed to it. Outside of work hours … Continue reading Being a Bad Friend

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Not a break from Writing

This blog was on a break while I was away on holidays in Portugal. You know this if you've been coming here for a while. Even though you haven't seen new posts up here I haven't really stopped writing. It was good taking a break as not having to post on a schedule actually reminded … Continue reading Not a break from Writing

Comporta Beach

This Blog is Going on Holidays

Yes! You read that well. This blog is going on holidays for the very first time. Honestly I have thought about this a few times. I have got the pros and cons in my head. Shall I take a break from the blog or not? I kept asking myself. I have decided to allow myself … Continue reading This Blog is Going on Holidays

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Money and Blogging

This is not a subject I've come across in other blogs yet. At least not one presented in a completely transparent way to the reader. Funnily enough money is still quite a taboo subject for many people. I have only been spending money directly on my blog since last year. Prior to that I used … Continue reading Money and Blogging

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Why do I have a blog?

Honestly I am not sure I know what the answer is! But I am writing about it anyway. I have been writing since I was in school. I was super lucky to have great Portuguese language teachers and they have always encouraged me to keep writing. Back then I wrote short fictional stories that I … Continue reading Why do I have a blog?