Anaga, Tenerife

Birthday Break

Yes, it is my birthday soon. Even though this year I am not celebrating it big time in some Greek island I am still taking a tiny birthday break. As my boyfriend changed jobs he couldn't get any decent dates off in June. Because of that we are staying in the UK. Still managed to … Continue reading Birthday Break

Edited woman net to plant in studio at Divurgent Workshops

Before and After

One thing that people usually love are progress photos slash before and after photos. This week that is what I have for you, before and after photos. The first shot will be straight out of camera and the final shot is after Lightroom and Photoshop. I tend to shoot in neutral mode which can look … Continue reading Before and After

Lilly with greenery at the divurgent workshop in hackney wick

A Little Photography Update

It has been a busy few days when it comes to photography so here is a little photography update. The Sunday before I left Portugal I had my first brand shoot. With 30 degrees outside I headed to the beach to shoot for Gingered Tees. Even though the heat was intense we had a good time … Continue reading A Little Photography Update

while in Portugal Ericeira ao Sebastiao beach

While in Portugal

Yes, do not panic, I am back! After just over a week in Portugal I am back to the London life. I am back home and I am back to the blog. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life. I hear you asking, what did you get up to while in Portugal? The main … Continue reading While in Portugal

Reo Shani, womans fit back with strappy black top on a London graffiti background

Hashtag Fitfam

Hashtag fitfam. Believe it or not, I used to use this hashtag a lot. Most of you don't know this but I used to have a fitness/weight loss account on Instagram. This was back in 2013. Back then I reached my lowest ever weight (as an adult). At 52 Kg I was quite skinny. I … Continue reading Hashtag Fitfam

Portrait of woman by the window looking up, Tizia Maria at the UK Shooters meet with Lumix UK for blog post Life Update

Life Update

I didn't want to come here and write another blog post about a photography meetup, even if I have attended a couple of them very recently. Instead I decided to give you a little life update. Life update? I hear you asking. Yes, just telling you how this year is going so far. As you … Continue reading Life Update

london lensminds portrait shoot with male model holding black hat with his hand

Expectations vs Reality in Photography as a Customer

It is unfortunately quite common for people to think that photographers charge ludicrous amounts of money. This is understandable if you are completely oblivious to the whole process of doing a photo shoot. This post is about expectations versus reality in photography as a customer. Here I am just telling you a little bit more … Continue reading Expectations vs Reality in Photography as a Customer