diaries of a pandemic lake como varenna italy

Diaries of a Pandemic – Part I

The World is a crazy place right now. Never in my wildest worries did I imagine we would ever go through something like this. Still feels a little surreal. I was in Italy just before they were hit really hard by the Coronavirus. Even though our body temperature was checked on arrival in Milan the … Continue reading Diaries of a Pandemic – Part I

am i broke now switzerland mountain

Am I broke now?

Am I broke now? The fact is, I took a decent pay cut changing my hours at work from 8 to 5 a day. Is that killing my finances and making me struggle or am I coping just fine? While I write this post I am going to be looking into the last couple of … Continue reading Am I broke now?

Chelcie Hunt in Soho London

How’s 2020 going?

How's 2020 going? I hear you asking. Just like that it's already February. Feels like I took January off. Needed time to recover from the festive period and get ready to start a new year. It seems many people were doing the same as not much was going on around me. Or at least I … Continue reading How’s 2020 going?

Teide, Tenerife

Maybe Things are not Changing

I know I told you in October things were changing but it turns out that maybe things are not changing that much around here. Back then I did spend countless hours trying to figure out how to build my photography portfolio with WordPress. It was a bit of a nightmare. All of that just to … Continue reading Maybe Things are not Changing

2019 Rewind shio at the tram stop in praia das macas

2019 Rewind

This year was a good one! Yes, it was exhausting at times but I did some cool stuff. Also finally started working part-time and have been loving that life. Didn't travel as much as in 2017 or attended as many photography meetups as in 2018 but I shot a lot more in 2019. Started the … Continue reading 2019 Rewind

Flowers in Rye

Wow, it’s been a while!

Wrote my last post in October! Considering I used to write every week this little break feels more like an eternity. Life just got in the way of me coming here to write whatever comes to my mind. Haven't even been writing on my new photography blog. Even though I am still working part-time, photography … Continue reading Wow, it’s been a while!

Preparing for the weeding with engagement ring for I don't like weddings post

I don’t like weddings

I don't like weddings but when one of my oldest friends is getting married I expect to be invited. I might not even be able to go but I still want to be invited. It has been a whole hour since I found out my friend got married. I know what you are thinking now, … Continue reading I don’t like weddings