Waited Two Years for This

We had to cancel it on Monday but we made it happen on Thursday. Just over two years after we met. I waited two years for this. After seeing each other every now and then and occasionally shooting at meetups we finally got to collaborate without a crowd around us. Shio was one of the … Continue reading Waited Two Years for This

shio at the uk shooters meet in august 2017 london photography community

London Photography Community

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of my first experience within the London photography community. I have been to loads of events since, made new friends and started making money from photography. A massive thanks goes to the UK Shooters team that started me on this journey. Another one to Abu for introducing me to … Continue reading London Photography Community

Almost 4 Photo Shoots in 1 Week

Almost 4 photo shoots in 1 week? Yes, that happened last week. In this post I will tell you how I got through a crazy busy week and why the fourth shoot didn't happen. Initially I had two test shoots booked for a model agency I have just started working with. So it was looking … Continue reading Almost 4 Photo Shoots in 1 Week

Trying out Flash Photography

After trying out flash photography at the Divurgent workshops¬†I went and bought my first external flash. Nothing too fancy. Just a ¬£50 one from Yongnuo. At the workshop I got that light to bounce on white bathroom tiles and loved the results. In this gallery: Clara I had no clue what I was doing (I … Continue reading Trying out Flash Photography

Camber Sands crowded beach UK

Beach Day in the UK

Record breaking temperatures were reached in many parts of Europe on the 25th of July. The UK was no exception. Thankfully I managed to arrange a day off from shooting and from work! It was the perfect day to have my first proper beach day in the UK. Honestly I was struggling to accept that … Continue reading Beach Day in the UK

instax film shots of Camden, London in July

Switching Off my Phone

Yes, I had my phone switched off for over 24 hours. Are you wondering how switching off my phone felt? Don't think I had ever done this before. Switching off my phone for so long. It got to 8pm on Friday night and I just switched it off as I didn't feel like being reachable. … Continue reading Switching Off my Phone

meera roses on wooden background for copyright claim post

How To: Copyright Claim on Instagram

If you have been following my Instagram stories you might already know that recently I have had some experience with making a copyright claims on Instagram. In this post I will tell you how to fill in a copyright claim on Instagram. For anyone that is not familiar with Copyright here is an explanation by … Continue reading How To: Copyright Claim on Instagram