Let’s talk about money

Let's talk about money, aka an update on my investing journey. Just thought this post was overdue after last talking about investing in July 2020. Just over a year has passed since I really got into investing. I had fears going into it, still do a little bit but I try not to overthink it. … Continue reading Let’s talk about money

2020 rewind

2020 Rewind

Does this year even need a rewind? 2020 needs no introduction as I am sure this is a year most of us will not forget. Never thought I would go through a pandemic in my lifetime but here we are. Started the year with my work being published in magazines. Which was an amazing feeling. … Continue reading 2020 Rewind

Update on Life

Update on life, is one of these due? Let's be honest, I have been slacking. This blog has been pretty quiet in 2020 but so as life in general this year. Even though we are no longer in lock-down there is still a pandemic out there and I am not keen to catch that shit. … Continue reading Update on Life

how I started investing

How I Started Investing

Investing is my new thing, I guess. Now that I am not going out to shoot and have some free time I have decided to learn more about personal finances. In this post I am going to tell you more about how I started investing. Disclaimer: the information in this post is not financial advice, … Continue reading How I Started Investing

clouds from plane window for greece got cancelled post

Greece got Cancelled

It has been well over a month since I came here to chat to you all. Honestly not much is happening and coming here to write about little nothings feels a bit pointless. In the past month or so I celebrated my birthday and our 20 year anniversary. June is usually a busy month filled … Continue reading Greece got Cancelled

An Update on Quarantine Life with neighbourhood photo taken during a walk

An Update on Quarantine Life

It has been a month or so since I last wrote on the blog. An update on quarantine life is due even if not much has happened since then. In the last couple of months I have been mostly home with the occasional walk around the neighbourhood. Honestly it is not a super exciting life … Continue reading An Update on Quarantine Life

quarantine life shoot with Shio

Quarantine Life

Still going strong with the quarantine life. Keeping as safe as possible. Biggest project so far has been tidying up and cleaning the front entrance of the house. It had been neglected for years so there is still a fair bit to do there. It keeps us busy, active and allows us to get some … Continue reading Quarantine Life