About me

So here goes a little more about me. My name is Ana, I was born in Lisbon and moved to London in 2008. I am a portrait and fashion photographer. On the side I have a part-time office job and this blog.

My blogging history goes back to 2007 when I started writing about my move to London. This helped me stick to the plan of leaving Lisbon behind. Back then I was writing in Portuguese and had a large following as many people were curious about moving to a different country. It was a difficult time for Portugal and many of my friends were losing their jobs. I didn’t want to be dragged down by that so I decided to quit my job and move to London. I had no job, no accommodation and no idea about what it was like to live in London. It was an emotional roller coaster.

After sharing my house hunting stories, flatmate dramas, job hunting struggles and bits of everyday life in this new city for about 10 years I felt that it no longer made sense to keep up with the blog as I was all settled in my new home. There were barely any changes in my London life and no flatmates to provide funny stories for the blog so the content was getting a little repetitive and boring. I no longer felt like writing on it.

On top of that most of my friends don’t really speak Portuguese and I could not share what I was writing with them which made no sense to me.

As a result and after 10 years of blogging in Portuguese I switched to a brand new website to share my travels, random thoughts and my photography. This time in English.

“The World by Ana” is my new passion project. I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am 🙂

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