2020 rewind

2020 Rewind

Does this year even need a rewind? 2020 needs no introduction as I am sure this is a year most of us will not forget.

Never thought I would go through a pandemic in my lifetime but here we are.

Started the year with my work being published in magazines. Which was an amazing feeling.

By February I was itching to get my holidays sorted so I went ahead with booking most of them (in hindsight not the best move).

Being super organised and planning things in advance is not always good.

As the pandemic was starting to make some headlines we were getting ready for our first trip of 2020. We were flying to Milan! At the time we thought there was barely any risk as the reported cases were still quite low.

We managed to enjoy a few days around lake Como without any sign of changes due to the virus (other than getting our temperature checked on arrival at the airport).

We really enjoyed ourselves. In what was the first and last trip of 2020.
This was the first year we didn’t visit Portugal.

March was the month I really felt like the situation was getting serious. By mid-March I was genuinely scared and even took days off to wait until I was able to start working from home.

When the first lock-down was imposed it took me a couple of weeks to adjust to working from home but after that I was okay with it. My boyfriend was home as well so we felt safe.

Lock-down was all about figuring out how to get food delivered to us, going for walks and fixing the entrance garden. We didn’t mind being forced to slow down. Our focus was mainly on keeping ourselves healthy.

We were super fortunate to have kept our jobs so at least we didn’t have to worry about money.

By June we were already on our second cancelled holidays and everything was re-opening. I celebrated my birthday at home with homemade cake. Luckily a friend came around to give me some flour as at the time it was sold out in most places.

In the beginning of June I started investing. It kept my mind busy and I’ve been enjoying learning about it and watching my money grow.

Summer was a roller-coaster of emotions. I wanted to run away on holiday but at the same time I was scared. Missed Portugal but most of the time I felt like what I needed was a real holiday. Even changed the September flights to Sicily but ended up regretting that and shortly after changed the flights to Lisbon for June 2021.

I kept working from home. Only visited the office once after the first lock-down.

Got back to shooting in September after over 6 months without any in-person shoots. I did a few remote shoots during lock-down. It was good to get back to it but a little odd having to keep some distance.

Even though we had some kind of restrictions in place for most of the year and I stopped shooting for half a year I still managed to create some of my favourite WORK IN 2020.

In November we got lock-down number 2. That one didn’t feel like much of a lock-down.

By December we got Tier 4 just before Christmas and the announcement of a super spreadable new virus strain. Even with all of that going on, Christmas was the same as most years with amazing homemade food and a walk by the lake on Christmas day.

Not the most exciting year but I am grateful for being healthy, employed and having survived the craziest year I have ever witnessed.

Who knows what 2021 has in store for us!
Wishing for a more “normal” year in 2021.

In the featured photo: Alice Venters

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