Update on Life

Update on life, is one of these due? Let’s be honest, I have been slacking. This blog has been pretty quiet in 2020 but so as life in general this year.

Even though we are no longer in lock-down there is still a pandemic out there and I am not keen to catch that shit. I have pretty much been keeping the lock-down lifestyle going. Working from home, going for walks and shopping online.

Not going to lie, it’s getting a little boring and I miss the beach a LOT.

Unfortunately we have postponed the September flights to Portugal and are probably just staying at home for a week instead. Flying still feels a little daunting. It has been a year since the last beach holiday and the wait to be able to do that again is killing me.

On the bright side we are saving a bit more money than usual by not spending on holidays. I am still learning about this investing thing and changing my strategy every 5 minutes. Hopefully soon I will stick to something that works and can just sit and watch my money grow.

I am also missing shooting a little bit as it has been almost six months since I shot with my DSLR. Hopefully I will start shooting again soon as I have a couple of shoots lined up for September. Doing social distanced shoots should be easy enough and luckily I have a couple of models happy to travel to me. Still haven’t been on public transport so this is how it is going to be for now.

At work my best friend has left again, this time to start her dream job so I am super happy for her.

Guess this is it for an update on life “mid” 2020.

Really, not a lot going on.

Hope everyone is doing okay (as much as possible anyway considering we are in 2020).
Thank you for reading and please come back at some point for another post!

Featured photo by Sunyu Kim from Pexels

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