An Update on Quarantine Life with neighbourhood photo taken during a walk

An Update on Quarantine Life

It has been a month or so since I last wrote on the blog. An update on quarantine life is due even if not much has happened since then.

In the last couple of months I have been mostly home with the occasional walk around the neighbourhood.

Honestly it is not a super exciting life I am living right now but I have adjusted and I am thankful. Thankful we are healthy, still have jobs, have a nice little studio flat we feel safe in, managed to get food delivered to our door and that we have been (for the most part) enjoying each other’s company.

A couple of notes on upcoming holidays.

So far one of our flights has been cancelled. We had Sardinia booked for a week earlier this month. Might get a refund for that flight and luckily managed to cancel most accommodations for free. One of them only agreed to give us a voucher, hopefully we can go to Sardinia before that expires.

The next booked flight is for Greece to celebrate our anniversary in June. Unfortunately that is not looking promising either as Greece is not planning to “open” before July. I have already cancelled all accommodations booked and managed to avoid all cancellation fees so that is something to be grateful for, I guess.

Not going to lie, even though I am coping fairly well with this quarantine lifestyle I am missing going on holidays. The fact that we don’t know when that will be possible (and safe) again sucks.

Also starting to get a little worried with what the government might come up with next. The pandemic is pretty much still ongoing but they seem to be keen to get people back to “normal”.

Side note: I am writing this blog post just before the prime minister’s announcement about the next phase or whatever they are calling it.

Hope you are all keeping safe and coping well in these uncertain times.

Thank you for reading and please come back soon for another post! 

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