quarantine life shoot with Shio

Quarantine Life

Still going strong with the quarantine life. Keeping as safe as possible.

Biggest project so far has been tidying up and cleaning the front entrance of the house. It had been neglected for years so there is still a fair bit to do there. It keeps us busy, active and allows us to get some fresh air. Also fun watching life around us from a safe distance.

Cookies and cakes were baked until we ran out of some of the essential ingredients.

Surprisingly Netflix and YouTube have actually not taken that much of our time during quarantine life.

Working from home has been a breeze.

Also by now I have done a couple of remote photo shoots and loved them. The process is so much fun and results are not bad at all. Waiting for more models to stop being shy and to give in to these new ways of creating while we are following social distancing rules.

Every now and then we go for walks around the residential areas. Avoiding parks is a must as those tend to be a bit busier than what they used to be. It looks like everyone decided to start running when the lock-down was announced.

Food is the biggest challenge nowadays as going into closed spaces and not being able to keep our distance from other people can be super stressful. Also getting online delivery slots from supermarkets is like mission impossible.

Saying all that, we last went for food shopping on the 31st of March. Waitrose was a mess. Nice little queue but inside there was no social distancing. We were not allowed to go in together which made that shopping trip longer than usual. I am all up for reducing numbers in store but the rules did not seem to apply to everyone. All in all just not a good experience this time around.

After that experience we had to find an alternative way of getting food!

All supermarkets were a no go as they were only delivering to vulnerable customers. After checking all of those out we moved on to food boxes. A few businesses and one supermarket have recently started delivering standard food boxes.

Next mission was to find a food box that had things we like and need. And that would also deliver to our postcode. After visiting loads of websites we found kbk.co.uk and tried their essential box. The items in the box may vary a bit but I quite enjoy the surprise factor of ordering these.

The ingredients are of good quality and even though it is not cheap, not having to go out to buy food is just great!

Turns out we eat a little more fruit than what comes in the box so this week we are trying another company that does fruit boxes. I will let you know how that goes.

And today we found out Deliveroo actually delivers some essentials from M&S for free. And I only have good things to say about today’s experience, unlike last time. Now we are sorted for snacks and bread until our next food box.

For next week and the week after we actually managed to grab a delivery slot with a major supermarket. That should cover us for household items and the weekly food shopping.

Sorry if I got too carried away with the food struggles and solutions but we all need to eat, right?

In other news I have just migrated the blog from my old shitty host to Dreamhost. I have done most of it by myself which makes me a little proud of myself. All made super easy by the instructions from Dreamhost and their support team. If you came around here in the last couple of days and could not access the blog, now you know why.

Four day Easter weekend is almost over so very soon it will be time to get back to work. Working from home of course. Hope you are all keeping safe and coping well in these uncertain times.

In the featured photo, Shio (from our second quarantine shoot)

Thank you for reading and please come back soon for another post! 

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