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Diaries of a Pandemic – Part II

The UK is now officially on lock-down. Last week the guidelines to stay at home became rules but not much changed here as we were already staying at home anyway.

We have only left the house once for food shopping midweek. It was a pleasant experience as one of our local supermarkets was stocked up, there was even toilet paper on the shelves. It was also not busy in there and most people were respecting the safety distance.

I am hoping this week will be as good. We are planning to only go food shopping once a week to minimise the risk. Considering we don’t drive this is a pretty big thing as we have to carry a week’s worth of food and other essentials home on foot.

To get some fresh air we spend time in the front “garden” tidying up things and cleaning.

Last week was my first week working from home and I have no complaints.

I am not missing taking the bus to and from work but I do miss seeing everyone and our daily chats. To make up for that I do make the occasional call so it’s all good for now. Just need to remember to stretch more often as my body starts aching if I don’t do that.

At home I have been keeping busy without even trying that hard so I am yet to experience any boredom. Even though Netflix is releasing all the good stuff I am not even managing to keep up with it.

Hope everyone is staying safe! I will probably come back here next week for another update.

Thank you for reading and please come back soon for another post!

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