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Diaries of a Pandemic – Part I

The World is a crazy place right now. Never in my wildest worries did I imagine we would ever go through something like this. Still feels a little surreal.

I was in Italy just before they were hit really hard by the Coronavirus. Even though our body temperature was checked on arrival in Milan the seriousness of what was happening hadn’t really hit me yet.

In the following days we visited Lake Como oblivious to the fact that we were about to go through a pandemic.

Once back in London things were still calm but news on travel restrictions were popping up and more and more cases were being recorded around the World. As things were rapidly changing I checked my travel insurance and found out that we were not covered. Soon after that I added the travel disruption add-on which would still cover all the flights we have booked for 2020 as there were no travel restrictions for any of our destinations yet.

This was on the 4th of March. Not even a week after that the FCO was advising against all but essential travel to Italy. Having a flight and accommodation booked for Sardinia in May this is very likely to affect us.

My last time going to a pub was on the 6th of March and even though I was washing my hands thoroughly I wasn’t super concerned about the Coronavirus.

Later in the following week was when reality hit me and I started to really worry about this virus. I could not wait to be able to not leave the house. We did start buying a little more food than usual to avoid making several trips to the supermarket.

By then toilet paper, hand soap, paracetamol and hand sanitisers were nowhere to be found in the supermarkets. Pasta and rice also became favourites of anyone buying way more than what they will ever need.

Luckily we did buy some toilet paper before everyone went mad about it (just in case you were wondering).

Last week the government started taking the situation seriously and I was eager to not having to leave the house. As the possibility of working from home was a little delayed/uncertain I took three days off.

The whole thing was making me so anxious, I wasn’t even sleeping properly. Taking the time off was the only way of keeping myself sane.

Thankfully that was enough time to get a work laptop sorted. Starting from Monday I will be safely working from home.

Being “stuck” at home has been better than I anticipated. Had never really taken time off to just stay at home so did not know what to expect. There is always something to do and I have not found myself being bored yet. Honestly don’t even have the time to keep up with all that is going on on social media.

Even though we are going through the maddest of times I am super grateful for having a nice place to be in and the best company I could wish for!

Hope everyone is staying safe and doing their bit to contain the spread of the virus.

Featured photo: Varenna on Valentine’s day 2020

Thank you for reading and please come back soon for another post! 

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