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Am I broke now?

Am I broke now? The fact is, I took a decent pay cut changing my hours at work from 8 to 5 a day. Is that killing my finances and making me struggle or am I coping just fine?

While I write this post I am going to be looking into the last couple of years of my expenses and income and we will find out together how things are really going now that I am only working part-time.

It has been just over a year of changing my hours so it is about time I have a look into this.

You are probably wondering what does that pay cut actually look like, in numbers. Well I can tell you it is just under £500 less a month. Almost £500 every single month not going into my bank account anymore!

Now you might be thinking if I am just crazy by doing this out of my own will.

The easy way would have been to keep on working full-time and not have to worry about money that much. But working full-time was taking a hit on my health. I had never been as sick as in the last few years of working full-time. My body was crying for a little break and I just listened to it. In the last year or so I only had a couple of colds.

Back to the money talk. So how am I still travelling when I am not really making that much money? Am I living on credit cards and loans?

The fixed expenses haven’t really changed much so I can’t save there. And I wasn’t ready to compromise much on the holidays either. Where I am really saving is on going out and on buying stuff that I don’t need. From 2018 to 2019 I have halved my going out expenses. Means I am not as social as I used to or eating out as much but I don’t really mind that.

I do own a credit card now but I pay it off every month. Also I never requested a loan. Hopefully I won’t need one anytime soon.

On top of trying to cut on non-essential expenses I have also earned some interest from my savings. Not a lot but every little helps. With more free time it also meant I could do more photography jobs. It didn’t cover for my pay cut but it did help.

In summary, I am not broke yet! Saying that it also does not look like I am saving money either.

On the positive side I feel happier and healthier. In my opinion that alone makes it totally worth not being able to spend as much money as I used to.

As a side note I am hoping I am not forced on cutting down on holidays because of the Coronavirus. With three holidays booked between now and September the current state of things is a bit worrying. I will probably keep you in the loop if it turns out I need to change my travel plans.

In the featured photo my best selling image on Shutterstock, a mountain in Switzerland

Thank you for reading and please come back next time for another post! 
New blog post coming whenever I feel like it.

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