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How’s 2020 going?

How’s 2020 going? I hear you asking. Just like that it’s already February.

Feels like I took January off. Needed time to recover from the festive period and get ready to start a new year. It seems many people were doing the same as not much was going on around me. Or at least I didn’t notice it.

Started the year by being published for the first time. It felt incredible. Funny thing is I didn’t even want to submit to magazines. It wasn’t something I really cared about. But Shio pushed me a little in that direction and before I knew it my work had been published!

Not once, but four times! And there is another set being published soon.

I am quite proud of myself for putting my work out there like this. It is amazing what new relationships can do to you once you allow them to pull you a little out of your comfort zone.

In the office things are actually OK and most days I really don’t mind the few hours I spend there Monday to Friday. I am grateful for it as it gives me the privilege of being able to “pick” my photography clients.

Even though it is only early February I have already booked a couple of holidays. Don’t even know if I am making enough money to cover the cost of all the holidays but they make me happy. That is all that matters, right?

Some big holidays are coming up in June and I have not booked anything yet for those 2 weeks. Not going to lie, that is stressing me out a little bit. Flights are a little more expensive than usual which is making it harder. Guess all this Brexit bullshit isn’t helping. Good thing I have a Portuguese passport so not needing a visa to go to Spain or Greece anytime soon.

If you have any suggestions for a fairly cheap beach destination in June please feel free to tell me. Most likely I have already checked it out but there’s always a slight chance you might surprise me.

Currently I have no Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions. Maybe to save some money and to stop wasting so much time binge watching series. Some of you already know that I don’t watch TV so I have been watching a little more YouTube than usual. It does get a bit boring after a while so now I am here writing this post.

Since  I am also done with all the editing I thought I would make the most of the free time and show some love to my neglected blog.

How’s 2020 going for you? Leave a comment below or come chat on Instagram.

In the featured photo, Chelcíe Hunt in Soho

Thank you for reading and please come back next time for another post! 
New blog post will be out whenever I feel like writing again. Sorry for the lack of consistency.

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