Teide, Tenerife

Maybe Things are not Changing

I know I told you in October things were changing but it turns out that maybe things are not changing that much around here.

Back then I did spend countless hours trying to figure out how to build my photography portfolio with WordPress. It was a bit of a nightmare. All of that just to end up with a photography dedicated blog and still using the Adobe sites for my portfolio.

That setup with two different website addresses was a little unprofessional and I was not loving it. Didn’t even like the blog theme I picked. It was a mess.

Roughly three months in I have now setup MY OWN DOMAIN FOR MY PORTFOLIO and scrapped the photography blog!

Guess this blog is going back to being a mix of whatever is going on in my life, in my head and in my photography.

Not sure about going back to weekly posts as for now I am enjoying coming here to talk to you whenever I feel like instead of trying to milk my brain for new post ideas.

Hope you don’t mind it too much. You can always have these posts delivered to your email address by subscribing. Or by following on Bloglovin’.

Since this is my first 2020 post, Wish you all a Happy New Year!

Unfortunately I started the year with the sad news of Aliesha James’s tragic death. I had worked with Aliesha on a test shoot for BAME models’ agency last August and we had the loveliest of times working together. Gone too soon 🙁

Remember to enjoy your life and cherish the ones you love.

In the featured photo, Teide in Tenerife

Thank you for reading!
New blog post whenever I feel like it.

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