Flowers in Rye

Wow, it’s been a while!

Wrote my last post in October! Considering I used to write every week this little break feels more like an eternity. Life just got in the way of me coming here to write whatever comes to my mind.

Haven’t even been writing on my new photography blog.

Even though I am still working part-time, photography has been keeping me pretty busy. Loving some of the work I have been creating and working with lovely people. No more customer’s from hell this year.

After spending 3 weeks in Greece and having an amazing time I managed to delete most of the photos taken there. In the process of changing phones I must have done something really wrong and it’s all gone now. That hurt a bit. Now I have my new phone backing up to Dropbox to avoid repeating the same mistake.

Earlier this month I went to Portugal to spend a week at home. We swapped our usual Canary Island Winter escape for a cold Portugal. This was our way of being sensible and not spend loads of money on another holiday. Also of surprising family with an unplanned visit.

I spent some quality time with family and had three amazing days of shooting with Shio. Also went to check out my brother’s new home, super happy for him!

As I often say family time is amazing in small amounts. And this week felt a bit longer than usual. Thankfully time back in London has allowed me to relax and recover from what was an intense week.

Happy to be back home. Just in time for a chilled Christmas at home with my boyfriend. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for reading and please come back whenever I write another post!
New blog posts used to be out every Wednesday at 6pm but these days you never know.

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