Things are Changing

Recently I have decided to separate this blog from my photography. Instead of mixing it all up here. I am creating a blog for photography only, where I will also have my portfolio.

This blog will become a place for travel stories, random rants and personal posts. Which is what it was meant to be anyway.

My photography website is currently under construction. When it is done I will share the link with you in case anyone is interested in following me there as well.

In the meantime I am not sure how often I will be blogging here. As I get busy with shoots I cannot always make time to blog on a weekly basis. Hopefully I can manage to be somewhat regular but only time will tell.

You can subscribe by email to know when I post so you don’t have to keep coming here.

There is a box to enter your email somewhere there on the right. Or you can follow the blog on Bloglovin (also somewhere there on the right).

Hope you won’t miss the blog too much.

Thank you for reading! 
New blog post whenever I get the time to write. Hopefully soon.

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