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I don’t like weddings

I don’t like weddings but when one of my oldest friends is getting married I expect to be invited. I might not even be able to go but I still want to be invited.

It has been a whole hour since I found out my friend got married. I know what you are thinking now, yes that is right, I was not even told it was happening.

Happened to find out on social media. Yes, we did go to school together. We used to be pretty close friends. Still catch up when we can. But as it turns out I end up finding out he got married via Instagram stories.

Probably the same way I will find out when he has kids. Or maybe those are just shared on Facebook and I won’t even know for a few months or even years.

As that wasn’t bad enough this Instagram story was actually a repost from someone he met like 5 seconds ago.

Couldn’t help but react to this said story. Should have just congratulated him considering he literally just got married.  Instead I asked if my invite got lost in the mail.

He proceeded to talk about wedding budgets and how he had to reduce the guest list.

120 guests and I didn’t make the list. Nice.

Might be overreacting but it is fair to say that this has annoyed me. I get that weddings are expensive but at least tell me it is happening and why I am not making the guest list.

He did apologise for not telling me. I congratulated them. We left it at that.

Did I tell you I don’t even like weddings? Should I not be upset by this? How would you react?

Thank you for reading and please come back whenever I write another post! 
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5 thoughts on “I don’t like weddings

  1. joana822 says:

    I’m really sorry to tell you but 120 guests and you weren’t invited, you are not friends anymore. It hurts but maybe is time to let it go of the friendship….

  2. Andreza Oliveira says:

    Not being invited is not even the worse part. It is not even letting you know. I understand a “tight budget”, not ignoring you as a friend.

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