Waited Two Years for This

We had to cancel it on Monday but we made it happen on Thursday. Just over two years after we met. I waited two years for this.

After seeing each other every now and then and occasionally shooting at meetups we finally got to collaborate without a crowd around us.

Shio was one of the first models I have ever shot. She was modelling at my very first meetup. Hosted by the UK Shooters back in August 2017. She is seriously one of my favourite models to shoot! You can always find a crowd of photographers surrounding her at meetups whenever she is modelling.

Thinking she would be too busy or wouldn’t really want to shoot with me I had never asked her to shoot.

Maybe a little silly of me but Shio is a legend in the London photography community and I wasn’t sure I was ready to collaborate with her.

When she asked me if I wanted to shoot with her I was ecstatic! At the same time I was super nervous. What if I messed it up?!

Once again I got out of my comfort zone and I said yes. To be fair I didn’t even think twice about it. It would be stupid to say no.

Thursday we met at a tube station and headed to the shoot location. Honestly I had not planned much as from experience I always end up doing something different from the initial plan.

The first location I had in mind fell through as photography is not allowed there. Now I know why no one is shooting there. Duh.

From there we just started exploring our surroundings and shooting wherever we thought we could get good shots.

All this poor planning led us to a closed funfair!

We had so much fun sneaking around the funfair taking silly shots but it didn’t take long for people working there to notice us! When they did everyone was super welcoming and they even put the lights and music on for us.

After we got all the shots we headed to the pub for a drink and ended up chatting for a long time.

I had such a good time! Even though I messed up some of the shots I also got some of my favourite photos ever.

Here are some of the shots we got on the day. Enjoy!

We started off with some park and lake vibes and lots of laughter as dog owners just crashed our shoot. We had to move temporarily as they did not care about being in our way.

Soon we got our trailer park series. We had so much fun shooting with these.

At the funfair we got some colourful and fun shots.

Big thank you to Shio for asking me to shoot with her! Already looking forward to the next time.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you. The blog will be a bit quiet for a few weeks while I go check out a couple of islands in Greece. Keep up with me on my Instagram.

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
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