Trying out Flash Photography

After trying out flash photography at the Divurgent workshops I went and bought my first external flash. Nothing too fancy. Just a £50 one from Yongnuo.

At the workshop I got that light to bounce on white bathroom tiles and loved the results.

In this gallery: Clara

I had no clue what I was doing (I still don’t) but thought I would try it anyway.

Since then I haven’t really used the flash very often. I love natural light and flash photography can look a little unnatural. Also my hands are tiny and the flash is quite bulky and heavy.

Once you are starting off in flash photography, particularly with manual flashes it can be a bit tricky to get the settings right. Guess it is just a case of trial and error. Watching a few videos on YouTube will definitely help you understand the basics so watch away.

Here are a couple of shots I have taken using external flash after the workshop.

In this gallery: Karolina

More recently I used my flash indoors as there was not enough light and tried pointing the flash directly at the subject. At this point I had no clue what results I was going to get. This type of light can be unflattering so I thought it could turn to be a disaster.

To my surprise I ended up with some of my favourite photos.

Credit to the model that was amazing at posing and her outfit was perfect for the location.

In my opinion these have a very film like feel and are quite striking due to the harsh light of the direct flash on the subject. What do you think of them? Are you keen on flash photography?

In the featured photo and the last gallery, India Allen

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