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Why I don’t like getting text messages

Bzzzt bzzzt! Bzzzt bzzzt! Argh, not another message please. In this post you will find out more about why I don’t like getting text messages.

This is something I started thinking about on the weekend as my phone was beeping with a text message notification of some kind.

Most of the time my brain reacts badly to the messaging notification sounds and it got me wondering why.

Of course there are different types of messages and obviously not all of them annoy me. Unfortunately most of the messages I get daily have a negative effect on me. Which results in me getting a bit annoyed when my phone beeps or vibrates to let me know I got a message.

So let us get into the nitty gritty of this messaging thing and mention the type of messages that spoil it for all the good messages.

The friend that has nothing to say

Phone buzzes and the message reads: “Hi!” I wait a few seconds for more but nothing shows up on the screen so I hit back with: “Hi, how are you?”, I get a response saying: “good, you?” and I say “fine, thanks”. And that is it, end of the conversation.

I am sure we will have the same pointless back and forth in a few days or weeks. It is cool to check up on your friends but when I am busy I don’t want to be picking up my phone for just that.

I need a favour kind of message

Oh these always make me nervous. I am not great at saying no so this can cause a bit of stress. If it’s an easy one then I’m all good but it already got me stressed when I read the first line. Again not the best of experiences.

Can you translate this for me?

It comes with the territory when you move to another country and speak another language but to be honest this is one of the most annoying ones as I really don’t like translating things. I will do it 90% of the time. Did I say I am rubbish at saying no? It is sometimes quite time consuming and it takes away from other things I need to be doing.


Those messages with photos, links and videos of random stuff I don’t care about. Why are you interrupting my day? Also I don’t particularly like getting baby photos but I have learnt to tolerate the odd one here and there. I get that people get a bit overexcited when they have kids.

Unluckily the above mentioned type of messages make up a big chunk of what comes into my phone. No wonder I don’t like getting text messages.

To minimize the negative effects these have on me I sometimes leave my phone on silence and at night I will most of the times switch on flight mode.

Do you feel like me or do you only get text messages you love?

Wrote more about messaging last year, read it here.

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