instax film shots of Camden, London in July

Switching Off my Phone

Yes, I had my phone switched off for over 24 hours. Are you wondering how switching off my phone felt?

Don’t think I had ever done this before. Switching off my phone for so long. It got to 8pm on Friday night and I just switched it off as I didn’t feel like being reachable. Just wanted to chill. Moments later I just came up with the idea of leaving it switched off for 24 hours. It was totally unplanned.

So unplanned I didn’t even announce it on my Instagram stories!

I am aware I spend a tonne of time on my phone, mostly on Instagram. That’s not good and it feels quite addictive. Feels like I need to be on top of whatever is going on with everyone else online.

Also I grew up not being reachable 24/7 and I was perfectly happy. So why not go back to that from time to time?

So what did I do while my phone was switched off? How did it feel? Did I miss out on anything big in those 24 hours due to switching off my phone? Did I get lost?

For starters I didn’t take forever to fall asleep after going to bed as I wasn’t on my phone for ages before sleeping. Ended up actually sleeping an extra hour!

In the morning I didn’t stay in bed looking at my phone. Instead I got up and started doing things around the house. Had breakfast, showered and got ready to go out.

Actually got out of the house around 10am. On a normal Saturday I rarely make it out by lunch time. My phone stayed at home as I didn’t leave the house alone so in case of an emergency we did have a phone with us.

In my bag was my Instax camera that I hadn’t used in so long the film had expired mid 2018! It was nice to document the day on film.

Here are some of the shots I got on the day while out in Camden.

Lunch was at Yamas, a Greek restaurant in Camden and it felt like a throwback to holidaying in Greece. We sat facing the street so caught a passing arm in the photo.

A few times while out I reached inside my bag to grab my phone as I clearly do it all the time without thinking.

Those were the moments I really felt like I am addicted to my bloody phone. Sad times.

It was good to be more present and actually watch what was happening around me in the real world instead of having my eyes glued to the small screen.

Getting back home we watched the last episode of Stranger Things, no interruptions. We also binged watched the new season of Money Heist. I am loving this one.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t think someone might have tried to reach me and I should maybe check my phone.  But at the same time I really enjoyed focusing in the present and not being interrupted ever.

26 hours or so into this experiment I switched on my phone.

There were a couple of emails and some DMs on Instagram but nothing time sensitive. Was on my phone for less than half an hour and switched it off again before going to bed.

Sunday morning I didn’t even switch it on immediately after waking up as I would usually do.

What did I learn from this experiment?

Firstly that I am addicted to my phone. Which is not cool. Secondly that it’s perfectly fine to not be reachable all the time. Thirdly that mobile phones can be quite useful if used moderately. Who wants to go back to not having Google Maps in their pocket?

Also you don’t need to be sharing everything you are doing to make it any better.

Oh and you do get a lot more time to do things! My day was a lot more productive than usual.

What am I going to do differently moving forward?

Definitely switching off my phone a lot more often!

Not checking my phone first thing in the morning or last thing at night. I will switch it on when out and about by myself for safety reasons. Also to check Google Maps if needed.

Actually switched on my landline phone that never gets used so my boyfriend can reach me while he is out. Just in case my phone is off.

Have you ever done something similar or are you always reachable?

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
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