Made it to Spotify

On the 20th of June one of my photos made it to Spotify. It is such a cool feeling to see something I have created out there on such a massive platform.

I met Zoey at the Divurgent Workshops back in late January this year and we have been working together since. We have shot together several times both outdoors and in studio and have created some of my all time favourite images.

It is an honour to be part of her journey as an artist and working with Zoey is always a pleasure.

Also made it to one of BBC’s Instagram accounts. Shame I couldn’t make it to the show as I was at home editing some of our latest shots.

Let me share a little more about this shot with you.

This image was shot on the day I landed in London back from a holiday break in Portugal. I got home at 2am and didn’t get a lot of sleep. Went to work for a few hours and when I was done with it I headed to the studio.

The whole team was already there getting ready to start. It was my first time working with a full team. Such a great experience!

Having a team made the shoot slower than usual but that was a good thing if we consider my lack of sleep.

It was a long shooting session of around four hours and I ended up getting home around 11pm.
Thankfully Zoey got me an uber back home so I didn’t have to face public transport at that time.

Thank you to Aimee for styling, Dani for makeup, Spare Space E3 for having us and to Fran for all his help around the studio.

Massive thanks to Zoey for trusting me with this job and for being such good company. I always have a good time when we shoot together 🙂

In the featured photo, Zoey Lily (as seen on Spotify)

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
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