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Beach Day in the UK

Record breaking temperatures were reached in many parts of Europe on the 25th of July. The UK was no exception. Thankfully I managed to arrange a day off from shooting and from work!

It was the perfect day to have my first proper beach day in the UK.

Honestly I was struggling to accept that I was going to spend such a hot day in London. Just melting away. Surprisingly in over ten years of living in the UK this was the first time I went to the beach (to actually do beachy things) in this country.

It was all arranged super last minute but I managed to find a sandy beach less than three hours away from home. After a bit of research on train tickets and travelling times I picked the destination. Camber Sands!

Train tickets are not the cheapest in the UK and these were no exception. Each return ticket was about £47.

The best way to reach Camber Sands is to get the train to Rye and then a bus from there to the beach. I thought this bit would be cheap, but it wasn’t. The bus tickets cost £6.8 for each return journey.

Before getting on the bus we quickly grabbed some food from the supermarket by the train station so we wouldn’t have to eat out for lunch. And spend more money!

Even though it was a week day the beach was quite busy. I was not going to complain. After all it was definitely better than staying at home melting.

As soon as we got there we had to go check out the water temperature. Google said it was going to be about the same as in Portugal (quite cold). To our surprise it was a bit more like the Mediterranean temperatures!

We did have to walk a fair bit to be able to get the water level to our thighs. And move our things a few times as the tide was rising.

But all that was OK. I was just happy to be able to cool down whenever and just chill at the beach. Even got a bit of a tan.

After a few hours and lunch at the beach we decided to head back to Rye. Our return train was late so we had time to explore Rye and have dinner.

My little point and shoot traveled with me but I ended up not taking it out a lot. So these are the few shots I got while walking around Rye.

Rye is a quiet and pretty little place worth visiting if you are also doing the beach.

Due to the high temperatures the trains were running with delays and our last train home even got cancelled!

Still, our first beach day in the UK was a success. I am hoping to do it again. If not for the price of the train tickets I would definitely do it more often.

What is your favourite UK beach?

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
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