Elly in Battersea Park

Two Weekends, Four Meets

Welcome back to another photography blog post. This time a little more positive than last week’s post. June has been a super busy month for me. As the title says, in the last two weekends I have been to four meets.

No wonder I have been feeling a little tired.

On the first weekend I went to Tottenham Hale and Battersea Park.

Friday before the first meet I get an email with the location for Saturday. These things sometimes only get announced last minute. I was a little confused as from what I had heard Tottenham is not the nicest of areas in London. Almost returned my ticket.

In the end I decided to still go as there were some people I really wanted to catch up with. To be on the safe side only took my point and shoot with me.

The location surprisingly didn’t meet my expectations. It was worse than I had imagined.

Super bland lake location with tonnes of flies and duck poo everywhere. It was like a massive ugly location challenge.

What saved the day was the great company of some of my favourite people in the photography community. I spent the afternoon chatting away while dodging duck poo.

I did shoot a few photos towards the end with Meera and was quite pleased with those.

On Sunday the location was beautiful and in a super nice area of London. Battersea Park.

It was a new hub organising and even though it was a small one I had a really good time shooting and chatting away.

Well done @slay.gbr for a great afternoon. Here are some shots with Dani and Elly.

This last weekend I was in Russell Square and Hackney Wick.

Saturday was busy in Russell Square with the @Lensminds team. I was super happy this time as they didn’t make me walk too much. Last time in Hampstead I was dying from all the walking through the park.

Again I went more to socialise and only carried my point and shoot with me. Still very happy with some shots I got on the day.

In the following shots, Neta and Chelcie.

The last meet was in Hackney Wick. A place that feels like home as I go there very often to shoot in the studio.

The @CAPITALPORTS team did a great job at putting the locations together and there were some amazing models to shoot.

Only the last location was a bit disappointing as it was a little too small for all of us and super hot inside. At that point I gave up and went to grab a bite somewhere else before heading home.

In the next photos, Karolina, Chelcie and Neta.

Looking forward to a little break now as four meets in two weeks is a bit too much. My feet are aching from all the walking in the last two weekends.

Big thank you to all the hubs for putting in the work for the community. I appreciate you.

It was super lovely to spend time with amazing people in the last couple of weekends. Thank you to everyone that came talk to me about my last blog post to show support. It means a lot!

In the featured photo, Elly shot at the @slay.gbr event in Battersea Park

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
New blog posts every Wednesday at 6pm (London time), unless I am travelling.

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