Anaga, Tenerife

Birthday Break

Yes, it is my birthday soon. Even though this year I am not celebrating it big time in some Greek island I am still taking a tiny birthday break.

As my boyfriend changed jobs he couldn’t get any decent dates off in June. Because of that we are staying in the UK. Still managed to book a “beach” weekend so I am not complaining.

If you want to keep up to date with how the UK beach birthday break is going just check out MY INSTAGRAM stories.

It is going to be a hectic week before my weekend away! Not helping is this flu I have at the moment. On Monday after a shoot I was dead. It was so bad I even got a fever. Despite that I was still editing after 9pm.

While this post goes out I am probably out shooting a bunch of outfits with a new customer. Hopefully it won’t be raining too much.

On Friday I have another shoot planned. Looking forward to that one as well. Also hoping the rain won’t ruin that.

Really need this weekend away. Might even try that airplane mode and disconnect from the world for a little bit.

Saying all this I feel like it is time for another break from the blog. My brain is drained and my body is aching. I have no new ideas or the will to write on the blog at the moment.

Editing is going to take a lot of my time as well with this week filled with shoots.

Once I feel better and have a little more free time I will be back here for the usual weekly posts.

In the featured photo, Tenerife shot by me

Thank you for reading and please come back in a couple of weeks or so for another post! 
New blog posts every Wednesday at 6pm (London time), unless I am travelling or life happens.

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