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While in Portugal

Yes, do not panic, I am back! After just over a week in Portugal I am back to the London life. I am back home and I am back to the blog. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life.

I hear you asking, what did you get up to while in Portugal?

The main reason for me to visit this time was for my brother’s wedding. Also the reason I had to take hold luggage! If you know me, you know that I am a hand luggage only kind of person. Not only is it easier to transport it is also way cheaper to travel that way.

As it was a very special occasion, hopefully his only wedding, I had to do it properly. That outfit took weeks to complete. Big thanks to Asos (#notsponsored) for making it way less painful than walking around  in a shopping center trying clothes on.

The church bit of the wedding was a little bland and boring but the church chosen was absolutely gorgeous! Also I have no idea on how these things should go as I am not religious at all. The bride’s side of the church was clearly more in tune with what was happening than my side so hopefully they enjoyed it a little more.

Once that was done we moved on to the party venue. Drinks were flowing and everyone was enjoying the nice weather that blessed the day in the grass area outside.

After the sit down meal everyone got to hang out with each other and have a laugh. Even if I didn’t know a lot of the guests (endless number of cousins of the bride) I did find my crowd and had a good time.

My brother was so happy and clearly having a good time which made me feel a little emotional in the end. I am super thankful he is in such a good relationship.

Before the wedding I did get a lot of time to rest. It was raining during the week so we took things slowly. Apart from the day we went to the gym!

On the first weekend we managed to go to the beach (literally as soon as we got there) and spent quality family time on Sunday for Mother’s day.

The last couple of days were hot and we made the most out of it by lounging around in the local beaches.

This time I did not contact any friends to make plans. I was staying about 40 minutes drive from Lisbon at my mum’s place by the beach and had no desire to go spend time in Lisbon. I figured that if people want to come see me they will reach out and come over. No one did so it was a very “anti-social” week for the most part. Which was not bad at all.

With the exception of a childhood friend that had booked me for a shoot of her new brand just down the street from my mum’s place.

Literally the only thing that made me take out my camera as I had a no work policy this time while in Portugal.

To stop me from editing I even left my laptop at home!

The shoot was amazing and it was lovely to catch up a little bit with her. Hopefully we will see more of each other in the future. Looking forward to seeing her brand grow as well. Check it out at gingered.pt.

I haven’t edited anything yet but keep an eye on my Instagram to see some of the stuff I shot with her. Or check Gingered Tees.

As most of the pictures were taken with my phone I am not really making this post a very visual one. Just know that Ericeira has amazing beaches! Just wish I could be on holidays more often to enjoy them.

If you have missed my stories while in Portugal you can see most of them in my highlights on Instagram. Let me know if you enjoy them! I do try to make highlights every time I am away.

Next week we’ll probably have a photography related post, might not be a very visual one either as the photos I shot yesterday are currently still top secret.

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
New blog posts every Wednesday at 6pm (London time), unless I am travelling.

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