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Before and After

One thing that people usually love are progress photos slash before and after photos. This week that is what I have for you, before and after photos.

The first shot will be straight out of camera and the final shot is after Lightroom and Photoshop.

I tend to shoot in neutral mode which can look quite bland but I don’t mind adding the colours afterwards when editing.

When shooting outdoors or without studio lights I often don’t get the exposure right as light conditions change quickly. Shooting in manual mode means that you don’t always get the settings right. If you are alone with the model that shouldn’t be an issue but at large meetups it can be tricky as you need to move relatively fast.

All the photos I am showing you in this post were shot and edited this year. I have been shooting portraits for around two years now but I am still learning and experimenting. Even this year you can see my style of editing is not always the same.

Below each couple of images I will tell you a little bit more about it.

Here you can see the original shot was quite dark as we were indoors and Gabriela was on the floor. In post I cleaned up the floor, adjusted the contrast, the colours and the exposure.

This photo did very well on Instagram. You can see that the exposure was a bit on the dark side again. This was shot with an external flash in a bathroom with very low light, all the details were retained on the edited shot and you can see everything clearly.

On this one I wanted to achieve a more beauty style studio shot and was very pleased with the results and the tight crop.

Coryn‘s look on the day prompted me to experiment with my editing in Photoshop and go for a more unrealistic edit. I love the vivid colours and the intense eye contact here.

All the above images were captured in January at the DIVURGENT WORKSHOP. It was my first workshop and my first time shooting in studio.

I got the exposure right and you can clearly see the lack of colour straight out of camera. In post I have added contrast and adjusted the skin tones to match the red leaves.

Such an overcast morning. You can see how bland and gloomy the photo looks on the left. In the edit I added a lot of colour and some sunshine on Zoey‘s face.

A close up portrait of Lotte in a photography meetup back in March. A lot of work went into this image to bring you all those colours.

Venessa in the same meetup by the window with beautiful natural light coming in. Again I pushed those colours for some striking features in the final result.

Zoey in studio back in April. You can see that the backdrop looks a little magenta in the original image. This was due to a pink light in a corner. In my edit I had to tweak the colours to get rid of that magenta hue. Also I started experimenting with a new retouching technique in these shots.

Ballerina shots in Hampstead. It was my first ones editing the whole body. As there is a lot of skin showing I wanted to make sure the skin tones matched throughout the body.

One of my favourite shots. I find it harder to shoot more than one person at a time but Karolina and Lydia worked very well together. A bit of work went into this edit to make the models pop from the background.

Underexposed shot as the sunlight was quite harsh and I did not want to lose details in the highlights on Lydia‘s back. A bit of Photoshop editing here to make the face the main attention focus of the image.

My current favourite shot. This is a behind the scenes shot at the latest Divurgent Workshop in May. In the original image you can see a tag very clearly on the right. I did not want to leave that in as it would probably steal the attention from the main subject, Lilly. In one of my proudest Photoshop moments I covered it with leaves.

What did you think of the before and after images in this post?

If you didn’t understand why photographers don’t just give out the photos as they are immediately after they are shot I hope this post illustrates well why it is that most don’t do it.

Personally I usually enjoy the editing as much as shooting the photo. Maybe it is all about the satisfaction of seeing the before and after images.

In the featured photo, Mollie

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
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