Lilly with greenery at the divurgent workshop in hackney wick

A Little Photography Update

It has been a busy few days when it comes to photography so here is a little photography update.

The Sunday before I left Portugal I had my first brand shoot.

With 30 degrees outside I headed to the beach to shoot for Gingered Tees. Even though the heat was intense we had a good time shooting and ended up with some nice shots of their Summer collection.

Tuesday after I landed back in London it was time for another shoot. This was another first for me as I was shooting in studio with a full team (makeup artist and stylist). We spent four hours in the studio getting some press shots for Zoey Lily. As these are not out yet unfortunately I can’t share them with you. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some behind the scenes on my stories from last Tuesday.

Big thanks to Spare Space E3 for all the help in setting up the studio, to Dani for amazing makeup, to Aimee for the most amazing wardrobe and to the super star Zoey Lily for trusting me with this job.

Saturday I finally managed to be back at a Divurgent Workshop to hang out with everyone. It was super nice to see some familiar faces and to meet some amazing people that have just joined the Divurgent family. I spent the day holding reflectors, grabbing props, taking some behind the scenes’ shots for Instagram stories and eating pizza. Being present for another Q&A with Haris and Rocky was pretty special too. Not even going to lie, felt a little emotional at times.

Here are some behind the scenes’ shots.

And a few shots that I managed to take during the day with Lilly and Denise.

I always leave so inspired and full of energy to keep doing what I love. Thank you HANA for creating such an amazing project and for treating everyone like family.

After the workshop I headed to a photography meetup that was happening just around the corner. Managed to say “hi” to a few friends and to even snap a few shots with the lovely Filipa.

As you can see I have had a few fulfilling events recently when it comes to photography. Feeling super pumped to keep working so do get in touch and let’s create some magic together.

If you would like to shoot with me you can check my packages here.

In the featured photo, Lilly Graham

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
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