Portrait of woman by the window looking up, Tizia Maria at the UK Shooters meet with Lumix UK for blog post Life Update

Life Update

I didn’t want to come here and write another blog post about a photography meetup, even if I have attended a couple of them very recently. Instead I decided to give you a little life update.

Life update? I hear you asking.
Yes, just telling you how this year is going so far.

As you probably know I have been working part-time since January because of problems with my wrist/arm. It was thought I was suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but turns out it might not be that. Might just be a repetitive strain injury affecting my tendons. I don’t even know anymore.

Still going to acupuncture on a regular basis and the sessions are a lot more bearable now. Also seeing a physiotherapist. I was getting better at some point and now it is getting worse again. Sometimes it is hard to work so I need regular breaks to ease the pain. Nothing I cannot live with but still not the most pleasant thing ever. For now I am doing strengthening exercises as that is supposed to help in the long run.

Many people asked if I’d be OK with such a massive pay cut. I’m not going to lie, money seems a little short now. Thankfully I have some savings that can keep me going for a while in tight times.

Ideally I would like to complement my part-time salary with a few shoots. Got my business cards and my website sorted. Now I need to go find some customers. If you know anyone that needs or wants a photo shoot please send them my way. You can see my packages here.

Even if paying customers are not coming in on a regular basis I have had shoots almost every week. This means that I have been practising and working on my skills almost every day. My portfolio has also been kept up to date, so has my Instagram. Please feel free to go have a look.

Another update is that this year I am not going on as many holidays as usual.

After a short break in Barcelona back in February I am going to Portugal for my brother’s wedding next month. For September we are planning a three week break in Greece. That should leave us a week to hopefully book something in December.

Guess this is it, not a lot more to tell you about.

Any questions just leave a comment, send an email or get in touch on Instagram.

In the featured photo, Tizia Maria

Thank you for reading and please come back next week for another post! 
New blog posts every Wednesday at 6pm (London time), unless I am travelling.

If you want to book a photo shoot with me and fancy a 20% discount please quote “TWBA” when booking (only valid until the end of June 2019).  For portfolio and packages click here.

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