Studio Meetup

This month I attended my first studio meetup. The £10 ticket included two hours of shooting in the studio, one small print, two models and another hour of outdoor shooting. If you ask me, great value for money.

Lucky me got a free ticket for this one as I won the Greatest of Britain competition from their last meetup. On top of that I also brought home the winning shot beautifully framed. Thank you guys.

The first hour was spent outside braving the crazy cold wind by the canal in Canada Water. But even under adverse conditions I managed to get some cool shots. In these you can see Jessie.

And some behind the scenes.

Thankfully we didn’t spend a lot of time outside and soon we moved into the studio to continue shooting. Even though the A4 Portfolio studio is quite simple it had enough room for everyone and we all seemed to be enjoying it.

The group that was there was really good and it was cool that I already knew most of them. Also we got to shoot with three amazing models instead of just two. Or four if we count with Ryan‘s short appearance in front of my lens.

Having shot in studio before at the Divurgent Workshop was great as now I feel quite comfortable in a studio environment.

Here are some retouched studio shots with Nia, Jessie and Karolina.

Also got to shoot one of the hottest Instagram couples right now, Nia and Ryan.

Of course I also shot some behind the scenes at the studio. Enjoy.

Even though I was already tired as I had a shoot with Zoey that morning I certainly made the most out of it. Shot a lot more than expected and had an amazing time hanging out with everyone.

Massive thanks to the team at Greatest of Britain, to the A4 Portfolio studio, the models and everyone else that made it such a cool afternoon.

In the featured photo: Karolina at the A4 Portfolio studio

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