Point and Shoot

Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a big camera around. Last weekend that was how I felt so instead of carrying my DSLR around London I just threw a point and shoot camera in my handbag.

It was my first time out shooting with that camera. It is the typical vlogging camera with a flip screen and a microphone muff. The original Canon G7X launched in 2014. This one was mostly used to shoot some holiday videos.

While everyone was carrying their bags full of gear around I was there casually shooting with a tiny camera. The funny thing was that it caught everyone’s attention. It did feel a bit odd shooting with such a tiny camera but it was quite comfortable and so easy on my wrists.

So much fun shooting with a tiny camera just using live view. I even shot in the Instagram format so I could see the exact final composition instead of cropping afterwards.

The location of the shoot was not very inspiring so ended up not shooting a lot. On the bright side I was done shooting early and in time to go to Chelsea with my boyfriend. We went for pancakes and a walk around that area. It was great not to have to carry my backpack around.

Are you wondering if the shots came out any good? Well, I was.

Once I got home I imported the photos into Lightroom. You can clearly see the definition is not as good as with my DSLR but I still love the shots taken with the G7X. It won’t be my go to camera for client shoots but I can see myself taking it out more often to meetups and when out and about.

Charlotte was a star pulling all the cute faces while I shot with my tiny camera. Thank you!

Editing these was also way quicker than usual. The files are a little smaller and Lightroom and Photoshop seem to run quicker with the RAW files from this camera. All photos were edited both in Lightroom and Photoshop. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

In the featured photo, Charlotte

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