Don’t follow them

This one applies for social media but not only.

Not long ago I started to feel a bit funny regarding another photographer on Instagram. I had been following her for a while and from time to time she would annoy me. The constant moaning and crying about the Instagram algorithm was a bit much for me. And there was the odd little thing that I disagreed on.

Even though she would trigger some bad feelings in me I did not press unfollow. I kept consuming all her beautiful content along with the bits that would annoy me.

After a while I finally just pressed unfollow. Even though I like her work she was having a negative effect on me. Like a toxic relationship.

Now I am more aware of the little things that bother me and I’m quicker to unfollow.

Remember that you don’t have to (in fact, you shouldn’t) follow people who make you feel bad in any way. Your time is limited, why fill it with negative stuff?

It doesn’t mean that they are not good people but if they’re not adding value to your life or even worse, they are making you feel bad just get rid of them. Don’t follow them.

Thankfully social media makes that so easy for us. Couple of clicks and problem sorted.

Outside of social media cutting those people from your life is usually not so easy but remember it should also be done. And again it doesn’t mean that those people are bad people. It just means that they’re not a good fit for you.

Now go on and work on keeping only the right ones for you around. I am certainly doing that.

In the featured photo: Jessie taken at the Greatest of Britain studio meet

A little side note:
You might have noticed that the blog posts are not coming out as often as usual, this is because I have decided to prioritise other things in life. Not to worry, I will be posting at least once a week (unless I am away). New posts are now out on Wednesdays at 6pm.

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