Capital Ports Valentine's day meetup in London behind the scenes with Harvey and Callum shooting Polly with a Rose

Valentine’s Day Meetup

Kicked off February in a great way with a Valentine’s day themed meetup. We went out shooting in and around Holland Park, starting off in some super cute London mews.

This one was the first paid meetup and it was well worth the £6. The team at Capital Ports went all out with the props and even got us some goody bags and water.

I have edited most of the shots I wanted to edit and here are some of my favourites.

Thank you to all the models that attended. It was lovely working with some new faces and to catch up with some “old” ones. In order of appearance: Kristina, Nika, Laura, Kimberley, Alicia, Kristian, Neta and Polly.

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Ready for some behind the scenes’ shots? Here they are. With a special appearance of a famous English Bulldog, she was once in a GQ magazine cover.

I had never shot as much in a meetup before. So you have an idea, I got over 1200 photos! Went through them all a few times and at the moment I have less than 200. I do try to delete the shots that I know I am never going to use because no one needs to hold on to that many shots and data storage space is not particularly cheap.

Did you enjoy this post? In my opinion this was one of the best meetups. Big thanks to the Capital Ports team for organising it.

Oh, and in case you forgot I am going away soon so expect no new blog posts for a little while.

In the featured photo: Harvey, Polly and Callum (the shot created can be seen here)

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