Zoey Lilly at the Divurgent Workshops for my rambling post


Honestly running out of ideas here. But hey oh. I committed to writing two posts a week and I intend to keep it up. Unless, you know, I am away. Which by the way is happening very soon. Taking my boyfriend to Barcelona for his birthday this year.

Have you travelled this year yet?

Usually I go away for my birthday but this year we are doing it for his birthday instead of mine. I have never been to Barcelona so I am quite excited about it. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. Everyone seems to love it so expectations are a little high.

Still not sure when the last post before Barcelona will be. I guess if there is no post on Sunday you can blame it on me getting ready for Barcelona.

A post with the workshop photos is due at some point and so is one about the latest meetup in Holland Park. Shamefully I have not even gone through the photos of that day. And obviously there will be one about Barcelona when I am back.

This week (it is only Tuesday) has been too busy. Had to travel an hour (each way) by bus on Monday to go to my physio assessment. Starting physio after Barcelona. No idea what to expect of it so if you know anything about it please get in touch. Had another appointment today which meant work in the afternoon instead.

Sounds like I need a break but I’m fine. Just trying to keep on top of things. Editing is taking me too long as I am enjoying playing with Photoshop for every single shot I am currently editing. That takes me anything from 15 minutes to about an hour per shot. And you know, there are only 24 hours every day and I am trying not to compromise my sleep.

Not my usual post, just rambling here really. Hope you still enjoyed reading it and will still come back for the next one.

It was still a bit of an update on how life is going (busy, busy, busy), about travelling plans and posts I will be writing in the future. So maybe not totally a waste of web space?

In the featured photo, Zoey Lily shot at the Divurgent Workshops

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  1. Diana S says:

    If you’re looking for placed to eat, in 2006 I went to a restaurant called La Fonda (Carrer dels Escudellers) for some Paella and oh dear, it was divine. Not sure if it’s still good, but have a try if you have time/inclination. 😉

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