Coryn at Divurgent Workshops


I am overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I have to edit! January has only just finished and even though it has been freezing outside I have done four shoots already.

Only in the last couple of shoots I have taken around 2500 photos. This is way higher than my usual numbers. I blame Hana from the Divurgent workshops for telling me to be quicker and shoot more to keep a good rhythm in the shoot. Clearly following her advice judging by the numbers.

Quite pleased with some of my latest work and I have been spending hours editing. I want to edit so many more shots but there is not enough time to edit all I want. This past week I have been sleeping less as I stay awake until later. Editing.

For the most part I know what I am doing in Photoshop and my Wacom tablet helps me editing a little quicker but still, not enough time!

You would think that working part-time I would have all the time that I might need but that is not true. I thought I would too. But life gets so busy. The first couple of weeks of the year were so chilled, I really took that time to rest. But now I am keeping my Google calendar busy. There is just a lot happening, a lot to do.

Not only am I enjoying doing photography, there are also appointments I have to attend to look after my health. Still going to acupuncture and tomorrow I have physio assessment for my wrist. I am getting better but the cold weather seems to set me back from time to time. The worst type of movement is working with a mouse on a computer. Thankfully shooting rarely makes it hurt and the Wacom tablet is also easy on my wrist.

Saying all that I better get on with editing the shots from the workshop as I need to get them done by next Sunday. Hope everyone is doing well. Also wanted to say that I appreciate you. Thank you for coming here to read the blog.

In the featured photo, Coryn at the Divurgent Workshops

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2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. says:

    Nice post! Sometimes I find myself thinking the same… And I always find out the same root-cause: I’ve assumed too much activities, sometimes totally out of my capacity in terms of time… But I’ll try to filter it in 2019 (I hope!).

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