Finally, Barcelona

Everyone’s reaction when I mentioned I hadn’t visited Barcelona yet was one of shock and disbelief! Guess Barcelona is one of those cities in Europe on most people’s bucket list so many have visited already.

We try to do city breaks from time to time but beach holidays usually take priority. This meant that Barcelona took a while to happen.

So a four day break was planned to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. It was my first time in the city and expectations were high after all the hype around the most popular Spanish city.

Keep reading to find out if I think this city lived up to all the hype around it.

The train journey from the airport gave me the Lisbon suburban feels so I felt right at home. Coming out of the station in the city it still felt like Lisbon. So far I wasn’t feeling the wow factor. This says nothing about Barcelona, just about how I was spoiled by growing up in beautiful Lisbon.

It is unfortunate that the more you travel the less new places are likely to impress you.

Arriving at the hotel I was finally hit with the wow factor as the entrance was beautiful and so was the street we were staying at. Smooth and super friendly check in at Room Mate Carla and we were off to see the room. Quirky modern decor and super spacious. We were off to a good start.

There were no plans for the afternoon but as we were staying around some cool places we just got out to walk and explore around the hotel. Casa Mila, Casa de les Punxes and the expensive brands street up to Plaça de Catalunya. It was a good walk and I was feeling good about Barcelona.

Valentine’s day arrived after our first night’s sleep and we had a full day planned ahead of us.

Casa Batlló was booked for 9am and I am going to say this was the worst of Barcelona. What a waste of money! Can’t believe they are charging full price tickets when the place is under construction. You can’t even see the front of the building. So unless they are finished with the place I would not pay to go see this one.

Afterwards we had plenty of free time so ended up walking through the market up to the Barceloneta beach. The market is a must. Barceloneta beach is good too but not that impressive.

Once we were done with lunch by the beach it was time to head up and rest a bit before our visit to La Sagrada Familia. The security is tight in there. Super worth the visit even if some areas are under refurbishment. What an amazing place!

By the end of it we went around the corner for coffee but ended up getting drunk on Moritz beer and eating nachos. It was so good I almost banged my head on the door walking out!

Early rise on Friday to visit Park Güell as you can get in for free if you go before the opening time. Also you avoid the main crowds if you go early.

After exploring the park it was still early in the day and we had no plans to see anything else in the city. After a little Googling I picked a beach town not too far by train. The picked destination was Sitges. It was such a beautiful day and sitting by the sea while eating lunch was perfect.

It was also a great break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Totally recommend if you have some spare time while in Barcelona.

For dinner we went out for some tapas not far from our hotel. It was overpriced but delicious.

On the last day we did some shopping and exploring around the Gothic Quarter and had a monster lunch at restaurant Palermo. This restaurant was just around the corner from the hotel and is very popular amongst the locals. The food and the service were amazing.

We were so full that we just wanted to rest. But we fought against it and went to the city park. It is quite a beautiful park but some areas look abandoned which gives it a bit of a rough look. Not my favourite place.

The star of the day was going to be the fountain show at 8pm and we made sure to get there way before that time to get a good spot to watch it. It was a struggle to get there as buses were not going through it on the day but we eventually made it by tube.

As soon as we saw the fountain something didn’t look quite right. Approaching it we realised it was closed for maintenance!

That area was nice to walk through and explore a little bit but we were disappointed on our last night in Barcelona. For dinner we grabbed a pizza around the corner and just ate in the room watching Big Bang Theory dubbed in Spanish.

On the last day I didn’t take my camera out so there are no pictures. Sorry about that.

Barcelona was a pleasure and is certainly a beautiful city but I didn’t fall in love.

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