Working Part-time

Yes, this year I am working part-time. I am still working Monday to Friday but instead of spending 9 hours at work I am only there for 5 hours a day.

To be honest this is something I had thought about doing before. I had wanted to reduce my hours to work on my other projects for a little while now. But because the pay cut is quite substantial I was delaying asking for this as I wasn’t sure it was financially smart.

As it happens sometimes in life something else happened to push me in that direction. I started suffering really badly from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Simple tasks like using the mouse or texting were extremely painful for a while. This was super stressful and made me rethink my priorities.

I couldn’t physically spend 8 hours working on a computer. It was just killing me. Breaks to stretch and rest were a must to survive a full day at work. Fridays were hard as I could feel the long work week on my wrists and arms. Even though my pain threshold is quite good I can tell you that this pain is no joke.

Now I had to go part-time. It was no longer just an option. Financially is definitely not the smartest thing to do but I need to look after myself.

Throughout my working life I don’t think I have ever actually stopped working for over a month at a time. It takes a toll on you when you’ve been doing it for so many years. At one point I was even working two part-time jobs. Around 10 hours a day not including the commute.

So now I feel like I earned this “break”. Even if it is at a time my health is not the best. Can’t even work on my projects as much as I would like to. But I am focused in getting the rest my body needs.

It has only been a week of working part-time and I can already tell you that it is the best decision ever. Totally worth the awkward HR meeting and hopefully worth the pay cut as well. Feels like every day is the weekend. My body is well rested and I feel happier. Last Friday I even forgot it was Friday!

I get time to walk (before it gets dark outside), to read, to do grocery shopping, to tidy up and clean the house and even to cook. No need to eat the below average canteen food anymore either. I get to eat all my meals at home. On top of all that I still get time to watch a lot of Netflix.

January is a pretty quiet month when it comes to photography so not overworking my wrists using Photoshop either which has been great.

Changing my hours has had such a positive impact on my life so far. Let’s hope I still feel this way after I get my first part-time salary.

Big thanks to the people who helped in the process of making this happen.

In the featured photo, Ella Parsons

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