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The Selfies

If you don’t follow me on Instagram you probably haven’t seen the selfies I am going to talk about in this post. In case you missed them and want to check them out they are still out there.

They caused a little bit of a stir. I have received many messages and comments after posting them.

Both selfies were shot back in December last year. I was a little bored and missed shooting so decided to be the model and the photographer for the day. The whole shoot was inspired by one single photo that I wanted to re-create. You can see that photo here.

I put on a little makeup, sorted out my hair, picked up my camera and got to shooting.

Unsurprisingly it was really difficult to get good shots just using the timer on the camera and no other light source than a window to an outcast London day.

Despite the adverse conditions I didn’t give up and actually enjoyed the process. Even changed outfits and tried different poses.

By the end of it I was quite tired. Still, I was curious to check out the shots and eager to start editing. Even if editing my own face is a little odd I enjoyed it.

After this experience I appreciate the models’ work even more than before. It is not an easy job.

Once I was done with editing a couple of the shots I was quite proud of the results and wanted to share them. Because these selfies were a little more revealing than usual I was not sure I should share them.

For a few days I pondered whether to share them or not.

In the new year I ended up deciding to share the first selfie. I was super anxious about it as I was foolishly worried about what other people would think. But I did it.

The response I got to them was mostly positive and I am happy to have shared them.

A big thanks goes to everyone that sent me nice messages and commented on the selfies either in person or on Instagram.

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