Rollerskating in Hampstead with Georgia and Peggy

Rollerskating in Hampstead

When Georgia got in touch with me to arrange a shoot I didn’t hesitate. She has a unique look and as a bonus she is a pro at rollerskating.

Picking a good location to shoot was not easy. Guess there are too many options in London. In the end we decided to shoot in Hampstead. More specifically in the Hill Garden and Pergola. If you haven’t visited yet you should consider it as it is a stunning place.

As it gets dark early in the Winter we agreed to meet in the morning. We were lucky to get a beautiful sunny day. Not the usual gloomy London weather.

Even though Hampstead is not too far from me I was running a little late. I hate being late. Still I was the first one to arrive. For someone that has never been to this location it can be a bit tricky to find it, even with Google Maps.

Soon after Georgia got there we started getting ready to shoot while we waited for her friend to get there. She found us shortly after and we were ready to roll.

For some reason rollerskating photos are typically associated with Summer days and therefore don’t really go with warm clothes. This meant that the models were freezing during the whole shoot as the temperatures were close to zero. I can tell you that Model life is not easy.

Here are some of the shots taken that day featuring a beautiful blue sky.

Big thanks to the models for coming all the way to Hampstead to shoot. If you would like to check them out you can find them on Instagram here and here.

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