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Divurgent Workshop

Let me tell you about a very special day. Last Sunday I became part of something really amazing, the Divurgent workshop, and I couldn’t be any happier about it.

Most of you are probably not going to understand why this is a such a big deal for me and that’s OK. I am still going to tell you about it.

Last year I became aware of this photography workshop in London through one of my Instagram friends. It looked like a really cool event so I started following their page and also the brains (and the heart) behind it, Hana Zebzabi.

Once it was announced that there was going to be another workshop in January I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Got my portfolio ready in time for it and when the applications opened I applied.

Again this was totally outside of my comfort zone and I knew there was a chance of my application not being successful. I had heard that it is not easy to be accepted. But I thought I’d try anyway and hope for the best.

When the chosen ones were announced I was not one of them. I was sad but I knew the ones picked were well deserving of their spot in the workshop. Next time I would try again.

While at work on Friday I got a message on Instagram saying someone cancelled and I was on top of their list. Was I able to make it to the workshop on Sunday? I did not think twice and said “Yes”. I was over the moon.

At the same time I was super nervous. I didn’t know anyone that was attending and I was doubting myself and my work. Honestly I wasn’t sure I was good enough to be a part of something so special. Had to remind myself that I got accepted so I must be doing something right.

On the day I got there early which was great as we got to chat with each other before the start of the workshop. It made me feel more at ease as everyone was so nice.

Introductions out-of-the-way it was time to start shooting. My first model got there a little after everyone else as she was called in last-minute to cover for a model that cancelled on the day. As we started shooting I find out she is also Portuguese! I swear the day could not have started any better than that. Not only she is Portuguese but she is also an amazing model. We ended our half an hour shoot with a coffee, we’re Portuguese after all.

A couple more shoots with other two stars and it was lunch time. We were well looked after and fed pizza and other delicious food. The day was going smoothly and I was enjoying every bit of it.

Belly satisfied it was Q&A time with Haris and Rocky. Two super stars. They are both so passionate about their work. I felt like we could have just sat there and kept the chat going for the rest of the day. It was a privilege to have met them.

The second part of the day I had another three shoots to do. It was so intense. I have been out shooting for a few hours but never at this rhythm. The studio was so busy and I had to think fast. Also got to work with studio lights and an external flash for the first time. Didn’t really know what I was doing but Hana helped a lot so hopefully the shots are OK.

In one of the shoots I had Hana helping us out and I learned a lot from her. Rocky was also always around paying attention to everyone and being super helpful both to me and to the models.

On my last shoot I was so tired that I was struggling to come up with any more ideas to shoot. Let’s hope that the shots don’t reflect my energy levels.

We ended the day just chatting which was lovely. Had the chance to chat to Sebastian (the workshop assistant and an amazing photographer) for a little bit and it was definitely one of the highlights of the day for me. What an amazing human being. It is the best feeling when someone you admire believes in you.

It was truly an amazing experience. I am hoping to take everything that I have learned on board and to keep working to achieve greater things in life and in photography.

Massive thanks to everyone that was involved on the day! Special mention to Hana (the founder), Sebastian (the assistant), Haris (the guest photographer) and Rocky (the guest model). Also big thanks to the studio Spare Space E3 and their hosts.

I had one of the best days ever and I am really grateful to be part of the Divurgent Workshop family.

P.S. Photos shot at the Divurgent Workshop can be seen on my Instagram

In the featured photo, Gabriela 

If you are looking for more information about the Divurgent workshop have a look at their website by clicking here and for some behind the scenes by me click here.

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