2019 Slow Start

We are two weeks into the new year now and I have not done much yet. My calendar has been mostly free these first few days into 2019.

It has been quite nice to slow down. Working fewer hours means I have been feeling more rested and as a result I have more energy.

A few areas of the flat have been tidied up properly. I got rid of things I no longer need or use. It is good not to have everything all cramped up. Makes it easier to clean too.

There are a couple of collaborations in the works. Excited to get those done in the near future.

Meetups are starting mid-January and I am looking forward to another year of meeting new creatives and to good times out in London shooting.

This year I am trying to be more intentional with my time. No time-wasting. Or at least a lot less of that. As a start I am already spending less time on social media and on my phone in general. I am making an effort to see my friends more and to spend quality time with my boyfriend. My main priority is to look after myself and to do more of what makes me happy.

I need to get better at being more assertive when making plans with others. Leaving plans in the air stresses me out a little. I will try to get a date, time and place sorted as soon as possible when arranging time for others.

Anyone that gives me a hard time this year with ever-changing plans or cancelling on me I am just not making time for you anymore.

Obviously there are exceptional circumstances and exceptional people (the ones that can get away with murder). You know who you are.

Now that I got some well deserved rest I am ready to ease into a fairly busy 2019. What do you have planned for this year?

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