Tiny Meetup

Last weekend a small group of photographers and models got together to shoot around Sloane Square.

Funnily enough we were approached in the street and asked to shoot inside a restaurant. This was quite odd but nice as it was warm inside and it was cool to shoot in a different location. Thank you to Kahani for their hospitality.

In this gallery Neta and Lotte.

Once we were done shooting in Sloane Square a few of us went to Soho in search of neon signs. We wanted to shoot some neon portraits. This was a first for me. It was fun to shoot these but editing them is a little tricky. Here’s my favourite neon edit with Emily.

I had a great day catching up with some familiar faces, meeting new ones and shooting some cool models. Big thanks to Callum from Capital Ports for making it happen!

Featured photo with Neta at Kahani London 

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