Freya at the Greatest of Britain Christmas Meet

Christmas Photography Meetup

Before Tenerife I attended the last meetup of 2018. This one was organised by the Greatest of Britain guys and we shot in and around Covent Garden.

I was a little sceptical when it came to the location as you can’t really get more touristy during the Christmas period than Covent Garden but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was busy but we still managed to get some room to shoot.

Even got to shoot inside a shoe shop which was quite cool.

That day I was sore from my workout and I wasn’t feeling too keen on shooting. Some days are like that. At one point I lost the group, I blame that cute puppy that distracted me. Thankfully I wasn’t alone and we eventually found everyone else.

Ended up not taking many pictures and leaving the meet before the end but still got some nice shots and a very good coffee.

Here are some of the shots of that day. Unfortunately I didn’t really shoot any behind the scenes. Sorry about that!

A few days after the meetup and already in Tenerife I found out that one of my shots made it to the finals in the meetup competition. This was a first for me. My photo went on an Instagram poll and it was so tight with the other shot the whole time. But mine won in the end.

Looking forward to getting my shot printed from a4portfolio. Thank you for picking my shot!

In the featured photo, Freya

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