Cueva del Diablo, Tenerife

A week in Tenerife

This time I didn’t spend a lot of time planning our time in Tenerife. Despite that I still feel that we got to see and do a lot. Just not a lot of time to rest. Turns out Tenerife is quite a large island.

To make it easier to explore the island we rented a car and stayed in two different locations.

Our first base was in Puerto de la Cruz and the second one in Guargacho. Maybe not the most time efficient locations when it came to reaching all the places we wanted to see but we were overall happy with the accommodation we picked.

Now onto what we got up to in Tenerife (in no particular order).

I wouldn’t say Tenerife is a beach destination but there are some beautiful beaches on the island. If you want to sunbathe and swim I recommend Playa El Beril. None of the other beaches we visited ticked all the boxes for the perfect beach day. They were either too windy, didn’t have dry sand or have no sand at all. And a special mention to Las Teresitas for the worst sand ever, it just sticks with you for life!

Interesting fact: tons of sand were brought from the Sahara to build Las Teresitas.

Whale watching
This was sold to us as a whale and dolphin watching boat trip with a buffet lunch and a stop for snorkelling. In reality we watched pilot whales for about 20 minutes, saw no dolphins and ate the worst frozen paella ever. When it came to snorkelling we had no luck either as we stopped in deep waters where all you could see was blue! Overall we enjoyed the boat ride and watching pilot whales was pretty special but honestly we did not need to spend 5 hours on a boat for that.

Teide, the volcano
I planned a whole day just to explore the volcano area and I don’t regret it. The roads are easy and the drive there is gorgeous. The cable cars were not working due to maintenance so unfortunately we didn’t visit the top. But if you are fit enough and fancy a super long walk you can reach it even without the cable car. Further along the way if you are driving from the South you have Minas de San José. Stop there and go for a wander. On our way back we drove to Los Gigantes through the volcano roads.

On that road we drove through a mini tornado! I had never seen anything like that. It was moving so fast and you could see the sand twirling in the air. It got the side of the car as we drove past it and made it shake quite violently for a split second.

We could have spent way longer exploring this region but unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time left in the Northern part of the island. I recommend that you drive to “Centro de Visitantes” and let them tell you what there is to do in the area. If you like walking in the wild this place is amazing.

More touristy than you would have thought considering the crazy roads you have to drive through to get there. Views are totally worth it though and as long as you drive carefully you should be fine. I would recommend having lunch at “El Guanche” for the best view.

Botanical Garden and Palmetum
If you love plants or have time to spare please go ahead and visit these. If I had to choose only one to go to I would choose the Palmetum as it has more to see, it is also double the price.

Final notes on Tenerife.

Almost a million people live on the island so you can expect traffic. Saying this the roads are pretty decent and it is easy to get to most places. Renting a car is cheap and so is petrol.

I would not recommend Tenerife for a beach only holiday as the sea can be rough in some places. Even if it looks harmless please do not go in if there is no green flag. I went in with a yellow flag and struggled to get out!

The food in Tenerife did not impress us much but the highlights were the goat’s cheese and the restaurant El Cordero in Guargacho for amazing grilled meat.

I must say that we were wowed by how nice people are in this Canary Island from the moment we got through passport control until the time we returned the rental car. So big thanks to everyone for their hospitality!

Since this is my last post before Christmas I would like to wish you all, a Merry Christmas!

Finally, thank you for coming back after another holiday break. I appreciate you.

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