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2018 Rewind

Hard to believe 2018 is almost over. I feel that I was so busy doing things that this year just flew by. Honestly didn’t even have time to think about everything that happened in 2018 until now.

While 2017 was the year I travelled the most 2018 was mostly filled with photography meetups.

You are probably sick of seeing so many blog posts about all the meetups I attend. If that is the case hopefully you have at least enjoyed the portraits I shared from those and the little sneak peeks from the behind the scenes.

There were so many events that I haven’t even shared all of them with you here on the blog.

The year started with a social media break and super cold weather so the meetups didn’t start until April. First couple of meetups happened on the same weekend so it was a busy one to start the year with. The third one of the year was a first for me as I attended that one by myself. It was very daunting not knowing anyone at first but thankfully everyone was super friendly and I even met a couple of Portuguese guys. One of them actually became my best photography buddy.

In May and June I got to work with Lottie and had a blast doing my first collabs with a model.

July I went to my first night photography meetup and my first one outside of London. They were both great.

August was such a busy month! Attended the worst meetup and one of the best ones. Also enjoyed another good Summer meet in Shoreditch.

So stoked to have done my first shoot in Portugal during my holidays in September and to have met some amazing photographers and the sweetest model.

October was time for another Halloween meetup, this was a big one by the UK Shooters. An Autumn meetup in Hampstead Heath and at the end of the month I attended a mini meet hosted by Starbucks and got to hang out with the UK Shooters team, this one was quite special.

November wasn’t less busy, even with the cold weather being back to London. I got to work with this sweet German model and create some cool city shots, attend a park meetup where I got some of my favourite shots ever and also attended a collaborative meetup with a big Instagram page. At the end of the month I have met with a small group of photographers and a few models to shoot and had such a good time.

This month I attended a Christmas meetup in central London before I headed to sunny Tenerife and won my first photography prize.

With around 18 meets I think it is fair to say 2018 was pretty big on photography meetups.

Believe it or not I did skip some meetups in 2018 because I was travelling.

As I got some extra days of holiday courtesy of the place I work at I thought I’d spoil my mum with a visit in early March. This time I travelled alone. The following month I went back to Portugal. This time not alone. It is always more fun when I travel with my boyfriend.

June is always a travel month, to celebrate my birthday we spent a week road tripping in Croatia. From Dubrovnik to Orebic and we had such a good time.

In September we spent two weeks in Portugal and revisited Algarve. It is always amazing to explore your own country.

My fifth and final holiday of the year was in December. Our third Canary island, after Lanzarote and Fuerteventura we have now also visited Tenerife. You just can’t go wrong with a bit of Winter sunshine.

Other than meetups and travelling a few other bits went on this year.

I met one of my best friends, my wrists got messed up which made me try acupuncture for the first time and I have requested to change my hours at work. Yes, I am going part-time in 2019.

Even though my health has been playing tricks on me I had a good year. Big thanks to my boyfriend for looking after me every time I am a little bit disabled and for encouraging me to do what I love almost on a daily basis. Thank you to everyone else that has been there for me in 2018. This includes all of you that come here to read me every now and then.

Hope 2019 will be even better! Please stick around with me for whatever is coming up next year. Thank you again for all the support.


In the featured photo Nia at a Lensminds meetup

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